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Subject: [legalxml-econtracts] eContracts Requirements Process - draft

Hi everyone

Please find below for comment a draft of the process we might use to 
gather requirements.

Among the outstanding issues:
1.  What format (eg plain text, HTML, XML, RTF) should be used for the 
2.  How to manage various iterations of each scenario doc and the 
requirements doc.
- For an scenario doc, one approach would be for the scenario owner to 
be responsible for incorporating amendments, and then for posting the 
new version (to the eContracts web site, or to the mailing list?).
- For the requirements doc, Barry and I could add the requirements as 
they are proposed.

Work on the scenarios can begin while the process is being finalised. 
If you are proposing to write a scenario, please indicate this to the 
mailing list, so that people don't unnecessarily write identical scenarios.

seasons greetings,




Scenario development

Ask people to contribute scenarios (plain text docs of between 1 para
and a couple of pages in length).  Scenarios will be published as they
are received.

Scenario should explain why it is important/significant.

Each scenario will be "owned" by the person who contributed it.  Others
can ask the scenario owner to add their suggestions to the scenario, or
otherwise create a new scenario of their own. If a scenario owner
accepts a contribution, that person may be listed as a contributor if
they wish.  A person may ask that a comment they wish to make about a
scenario be recorded on it.

Ask people to forward copies of contracts they'd like to be able to
represent (ideally, referenced in and attached to a scenario).

Requirements list (not prioritised)

Extract business requirements from the scenarios as they are received.
Note next to each requirement which scenario it came from, who owns it.

Attempt to present the business requirements categorised according to
the step in the contract lifecyle that they relate to:

- draft
- negotiate
- sign/exchange
- manage
- amend/dispute
- renew

.. or capture as a technical requirement

Keep the list online, updated as we receive scenarios.

Open mailing list discussion of requirements

We'll need some time to discuss/clarify the requirements, and get a feel
for what people think of them.

Vote for requirements

At close of requirements gather process, TC members could vote for the
requirements they think are important, so we get agreed list of
mandatory, nice to have etc.

Publish draft prioritised requirements

Query whether we need to allow time for TC members to circulate the
requirements outside the TC for additional comments/validation.

Possible timetable:
Scenario development (Jan)
Requirements List (Jan - early Feb)
Mailing list discussion (Feb)
Vote (end Feb)
Publish draft prioritised reqs (mid March)

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