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Subject: RE: [legalxml-econtracts] Face2Face Meetings - October in Sydney?

Jason, I won't be able to make the call but I've put a couple of things

Regards, Barry 

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From: Jason Harrop [mailto:jharrop@speedlegal.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 1:07 AM
To: legalxml-econtracts@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [legalxml-econtracts] Face2Face Meetings - October in Sydney?

Hi Barry

Assuming we finally get around to discussing this at tomorrows teleconf, 
some responses to fuel the discussion.

Barry Hansen wrote:
> For the last two calls, we've not discussed the face-to-face meeting. 
> Based on my company's travel restrictions and my personal need to plan 
> something like this in advance (especially in regard to the proposed 
> June dates), I offer the following questions:
> 1.       How long will the face-to-face meeting last?

I would expect at least 1 day, possibly 2.
[BPH] It'd be easier to get approval, at least for me personally, if the
meeting was two days. I'd have a tough time justifying the expense and time
to get to Australia for an eight hour meeting.

> 2.       Specifically with the June dates in mind, would we try to meet 
> on the weekend before, during the conference, the weekend after, or 
> weekdays during the week before or after? This is probably dependent on 
> the meeting's technical details and the length of time for the meeting. 
> I'm not up on the content of the conference so I don't know whether any 
> attendees would consider that time expendable in favor of an eContracts 
> meeting.

A possibility at least some people (not just Australians, as i 
understand it :) ) are in favour of, is to hold the face to face in 
Sydney Australia, at the Oasis Open Standards Asia Pacific conference 
(1-3) October.  http://www.open-standards.com/

1 October is a Wednesday, so our face to face could be on Mon 29 or Tues 
30 Sept.

> 3.       How many people would we expect to be there?

Who would not be able to attend in Sydney?

If Sydney is hard, does this mean that any venue outside USA is out of 
the question?

> 4.       Is there any kind of registration process?

Re the Sydney venue - I would hope you could attend the face to face 
without having to attend/pay for the conference.  Having said that, 
hopefully the conference will be interesting for some TC members to 
attend (I note that LegalXML topics are specifically on the agenda). 
This needs to be confirmed.

> 5.       Who will be making arrangements for meeting space / hotel room 
> blocks / etc.?

You would need to book your own hotel. Recommended hotels will make this 
simple enough.
[BPH] Hmmm. I was thinking more about finding somewhere that we could meet.
Typically there would need to be some hotel space.

> 6.       How will charges for meeting space be handled?

I would hope there are no charges for meeting space.
[BPH] Not if we meet in a hotel :-)

> 7.       If a meeting is held at the end of June, can an agenda be 
> published a month in advance?
> 8.       Is the meeting limited to those on the mailing list or can a 
> wider audience take part?

Perhaps Dan will be able to answer this one in the teleconf.

> 9.       Will folks who cannot travel be able to participate in some 
> way... via conference call for example?

Not sure.  I attended a 2 day face to face earlier this year, where that 
was attempted, but in the end nobody dialed in.

> 10.   Are there any OASIS-Open requirements we have to meet? Where are 
> those referenced?

Another one for Dan.

> 11.   For the proposed October meeting in AU, with whom do we coordinate 
> in OASIS-Open or are we strictly on our own? Will OASIS be making space 
> available for groups to meet in conjunction with the conference?

Barry, I've addressed this one above, a bit...  I am seeking answers 
from Oasis on the outstanding bits.  Would you be able to make it to AU?
[BPH] I'd love to make it to Australia! I've already got tentative approval
for this. As soon as the details are nailed down, I can get formal approval.
Our travel policy does not preclude international travel but I do need to
have a month's notice for that.



> Best,
> Barry Hansen
> I-many, Inc.
> Portland, Maine, USA
> bhansen@imany.com

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