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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Sydney face to face update


At last week's teleconference, Dan asked me to post an update on the 
Sydney face to face.

First, face to face arrangements.  The http://www.open-standards.com/ 
conference runs October 1-3, which is wed - fri.

The organisers of the conference have arranged a room for us for the 
monday - tuesday (ie Sept 29-30).  There will be no cost to us for the 
room (although they may well be assuming we will each attend the 
conference, for which their normal conference fees would apply).

Second, various people have responded to the call for papers with a view 
to presenting at the conference.  I'm aware of the following:

1. Electronic Contracts Specification (Daniel J. Greenwood)

2. Contract Preparation using XML (Jason Harrop, Peter Meyer)

3. Contract management for e-commerce (Barry Hansen, Zoran Milosevic)

4. Click-Through Contracts (Imtinan Ahmad, Dr. Laurence L. Leff, Ph.D)

Dr Leff has also proposed the following papers which may be of interest 
to TC members:

A. Rules About XML (Go Eguchi, Jae-Hoon Cheon, Laurence L. Leff, Ph.D.)

B. Interoperability from Electronic Commerce to Litigation Using XML 
Rules (Zaw Z. Han, Tin T. Khine, Imtinan Ahmad, Sunil Shrestha, Laurence 

C. The Court Document Standard for Criminal Justice Documents
(Zaw Zaw Han Yingru Chan Tin Tin Khine Imtinan Ahmad Sunil Shrestha
Laurence, L. Leff, Ph.D.)

D. Generalised Java class and component for editing hierarchical XML (Dr 
Leff, Ms Mina Abdurhman)




Jason Harrop


SmartPrecedent(R) software
The most intelligent way to create documents

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