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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Agenda (with details) for June 18 call

Please find attached more detailed agenda proposed for our imminent call.

Looking forward to it,


Title: eContracts Agenda - June 18, 2003

Agenda for Conference Call

Electronic Contracts Technical Committee of the

OASIS Legal XML Member Section

June 18th

18:00 Eastern

Dial 512 225 3050 - Use 84759# for Pin Code

18:00:00 Wed Jun 18 2003 in America/New_York converts to 22:00:00 Wed Jun 18 2003 in GMT

  1. Welcome and Roll Call
  2. Approval of draft Minutes
  3. Clause Model Requirements Document
3.1 Report on friendly amendments received:

3.1.1 Dr Leff's proposed amendment
3.1.2 Addition of Emphasis handling (bold, italic) to list of features  in requirement 11

3.2  motions on notice:

3.2.1  that the TC accept the clause model requirements document; and

3.2.2. that the TC develop a Clause Model addressing those requirements, according to the following process:

(a) interested TC members to forward proposals to the mailing list which satisfying all or part of the requirements (a 3 week period concluding 9 July).

Such proposals could be complete solutions, or contribute partial or point solutions, intended to be used as part of a complete solution.

(b) Jason Harrop to prepare a report to the TC recommending a clause model which takes those contributions in to account. The report is to include the clause model and a summary of the contributions received.
(it is expected this report could be completed in 4 weeks from 9 July, namely 6 August).

(c) draft report to be circulated to TC members who had contributed proposals as input to that work, for comment and fine tuning, before surfacing on the mailing list

(d) mailing list and teleconference discussion, and possible further fine tuning

(e) TC to vote to accept the report.
  1. Dispute Resolution Scenario
  2. Work on the Construction Contracts Preparation and Management Scenario - Rolly Chambers
  3. Face to face arrangements (ABA San Francisco in August)
  4. New Business
Dr Leff prepared a schedule of the scenarios we anticipate discussing. This was of course done in the May 7th minutes. This is a revision based upon recent slippage and other activities:
  1. July 2nd
    Discuss the Scenario Data Consortium Contract Schema
  2. July 16th
    Enterprise Contract Management Scenario
  3. August 6th

    Discuss the XML in enterprise documentation systems (Mr. Peter Mayer)

  4. August 20th
    Dispute Resolution and Litigation Involving Contracts (WIU Scenario Two)

  5. September 3rd
    the law firm contract creation and negotiation scenario will be discussed (by Jason Harrop)
  6. September 17th
    Contract Generation Systems - Sergio Maldonado
  7. October 1st
    The Automated Negotiation Scenario - Dave Marvit

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