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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: File Transmission @@2229

On the June 18th Teleconference, I mentioned that I had already developed
XML markup for many aspects of Contracts.  These were submitted to the
Contracts Workgroup of Legal XML in the Summer of 2000.

This work may be relevant to the Clause Markup development effort.  
In particular, the second document shows markup for interval processing and
exception handling (commercial infeasibility).  Both documents show conditional
clauses, e. g., if it is raining, do not deliver Pizza to my picnic.

At that last teleconference, the Technical Committee decided I should post the 
uRL's to these documents.

I hope to convert them to the Docbook Technical Specification format and
put them in our Documents Collection.

<DT>Leff00</DT><DD>Leff, L., "A Standard for Offer and Acceptance,"
Legal XML Document: UN_100XX_2000_04_22, 
(now at http://www.wiu.edu/users/mflll/UN_100XX_2000_04_22.html)
<DT>Leff00a</DT><DD>Leff, L., "Legal XML: Unofficial Note: Contract Standard Update"
Legal XML Document: UN_100XX_2000_08_22, 
(now at http://www.wiu.edu/users/mflll/UN_100XX_2000_08_22.html)

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