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Subject: Official Communication from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2240)

At the July 2nd Teleconference, I was asked to mail to this list, a set of
groups with which to liase or contact.  

Large Scale Engineering Contracts -- The Institute of Electrical Engineers
published model-formed contracts starting in 1903.
(E. G. Home or Overseas Contracts for the supply of Electrical or Mechanical Plant, Home or Overseas Contracts with Erection)  These were used by Daskalopulu
and  Sergot, M. as reported in the 1995 International Conference on Artificial
Intelligence and Law.

www.ponton-consulting.de has software and a database of sample contracts.  

The International Alliance for Interoperability North America (aecxml.org)
has XML for applications in the business community.  They have started work
on interoperability with ebXML, ifcXML, and Arriba's "Core XML"

Ms. Monica Martin, now at Sun, contacted us to tell us that a new working 
group (legal and technical) has been formed under UN/CEFACT for 
a 'Universal Business Agreements and Contracts.'

Another group that is relevant is the International Artificial Intelligence
and Law Society.  Several papers in the resources page were published
in their conferences or as books that are associated with that community.

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