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Subject: RE: [legalxml-econtracts] Clause Model Submissions

Hi Peter,

It's difficult to postpone facing this issue (of exchanging clause numbers) when
both your proposed DTDs specifically accommodate such exchange. Personally, I
fully support excluding these numbers from Clause Model solutions, deferring
their generation to the time that the "final" presentation form of a contract is
created -- I believe that this stance CLARIFIES the exchange model we are
promoting, that is, it is a clear statement that we are NOT exchanging
presentation information, but rather are focused on the exchange of information
used to generated the presentation artifact.

I'll answer your other stated concerns in this way. (a) There's not much
difference between generated clause numbers and generated page numbers --
support zero or all to be consistent (b) actually, it's easier for software not
to worry about exchanging and maintaining generated presentation information
during the drafting phase (c) Cross-references are best done during drafting by
way of URI references, not by text names; within the presentation documents,
references of course would contain *both* uri's and text, that is, the
information necessary to support the HTML <a> element.


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