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Subject: Agenda for upcoming meeting from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2253)

                       Face to Face San Francisco
                     Saturday August 9th  12 to 5 Pacific Time
                                San Francisco
                               Proposed Agenda
                 A Conference Call will be scheduled for the entire period
    However, the last two hours will be the most devoted to the conference call

12:00:00 Sat Aug 09 2003 in America/Los_Angeles converts to
19:00:00 Sat Aug 09 2003 in GMT 
Approval of Outstanding Minutes: 

Our Resources Page: A Discussion of the Relevant Prior Work -- Dr. Laurence Leff

Benchmark Contracts

Enterprise Contract Management Scenario 

Event-Obligation-Action Concept in XML Contracts

Dispute Resolution and Litigation Involving Contracts (WIU Scenario Two) 

The Automated Negotiation Scenario - Dave Marvit 

Clause Model Status and Discussion

Discussion of groups with which to liase

Preparation for Face-to-Face in Sydney

New Business 

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