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Subject: Re: [legalxml-econtracts] Meeting schedule?

Hi Mary

We have typically held teleconferences every fortnight at the same time 
as this week's was.

Since about November, we have been holding them weekly, since we wanted 
to take advantage of our momentum to complete the clause model and an 
overall requirements document.

(At some point, we will probably return to fortnightly meetings)

The exact time is subject to some seasonal change, since daylight 
savings moves the local times out by two hours.

Next week's teleconf is at the same time as this weeks was, and at it we 
will settle the timing of the upcoming teleconfs.

As to face-to-face, we had 2 in 2003 (San Fran, and Sydney).  We haven't 
scheduled any for 2004 yet, but there is talk of LegalXML get together 
generally in New Orleans in April.



Mary McRae wrote:
>   Is there a regular schedule for meetings (both telecon and face-to-face)?
> I checked the calendar on the tc website but there doesn't appear to be
> anything posted...
>   Thanks!
> Mary McRae
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