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Subject: Minutes from meeting of 4 Feb 2004

posted at Dan's request.

Peter (and anyone else who may be interested), you'll see a "structural 
subcommittee" has been setup to prune (and later add to if nec) XHTML2. 
  we hope you'll want to participate - please let us know.  the 
subcommittee will be having a teleconf next Tues (Wed Aust time).




Notes of eContracts LegalXML/OASIS TC Meeting on Wed,
Feb 4 6pm (US Eastern Time)

Charles Gilliam
Jason Harrop
John McClure
Mary McRae
Dan Greenwood

The TC welcomed new member, Mary, who introduced
herself, gave background and aspirations for the TC.
Followed by general discussion on TC work and wisdom
of using XHTML 2 versus other approaches.

Motion made by Dan: that the tc shall use xhtml 2 as
the basis for our structural markup specification,
deleting and adding to it as necessary.  Motion
adopted unanimously.

Agreed that at
first will only look at what to take out of XHTML, not
look at adding anything to it yet.

There is a subcommittee that will report back to the
big group on structural markup.  The structural subcommittee (mary,
john and jason for starters) will meet every other
week, the week between TC meetings. To get
started members will take a stab at pruning xhtml 2
as they think appropriate, and then compare notes.

Dan Greenwood agreed to write a pre-draft (like a
briefing memo) on semantic, non-structural layer.
Jason will send Dan a memo that deals with XForms
and semantics, as an input to that work.  Any TC
member welcome to join Dan in writing this bit, as a
way to spark ideas for the TC when we get to that
layer after structural part of the specification.

Rolly should be asked to put final requirements
document for vote to TC.

John asked about New Orleans face to face.  We will
discuss it next meeting.

Agenda for next meeting (to be held on _Tuesday_, Feb 17
at 6pm (US Eastern Time)
NOTE: From now on, eContracts TC Meetings will be the
first and third _Tuesday_ of the month at 6pm US

Approve Minutes
Update on Structural from subcommittee
Presentation of Sematic layer memo
Presentation (vote?) of (final?)(next draft?)
Requirements Document
Discussion of NEw Orleans Face to Face
New Business

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