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Subject: Re: [legalxml-econtracts] Minutes from meeting of 4 Feb 2004

I apologize I could not make the meeting. Just a warning: the arrangements for New Orleans are being snapped up fast. IMHO, any decisions to present or have a TC meeting or meet with other TC's or whatever should be done asap or a decision may be made for the TC by virtue of the unavailability of rooms or resources.

Best regards.

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: Jason Harrop <jharrop@speedlegal.com>
Date:  Thu, 05 Feb 2004 14:06:46 +1100

>posted at Dan's request.
>Peter (and anyone else who may be interested), you'll see a "structural 
>subcommittee" has been setup to prune (and later add to if nec) XHTML2. 
>  we hope you'll want to participate - please let us know.  the 
>subcommittee will be having a teleconf next Tues (Wed Aust time).
>Notes of eContracts LegalXML/OASIS TC Meeting on Wed,
>Feb 4 6pm (US Eastern Time)
>Charles Gilliam
>Jason Harrop
>John McClure
>Mary McRae
>Dan Greenwood
>The TC welcomed new member, Mary, who introduced
>herself, gave background and aspirations for the TC.
>Followed by general discussion on TC work and wisdom
>of using XHTML 2 versus other approaches.
>Motion made by Dan: that the tc shall use xhtml 2 as
>the basis for our structural markup specification,
>deleting and adding to it as necessary.  Motion
>adopted unanimously.
>Agreed that at
>first will only look at what to take out of XHTML, not
>look at adding anything to it yet.
>There is a subcommittee that will report back to the
>big group on structural markup.  The structural subcommittee (mary,
>john and jason for starters) will meet every other
>week, the week between TC meetings. To get
>started members will take a stab at pruning xhtml 2
>as they think appropriate, and then compare notes.
>Dan Greenwood agreed to write a pre-draft (like a
>briefing memo) on semantic, non-structural layer.
>Jason will send Dan a memo that deals with XForms
>and semantics, as an input to that work.  Any TC
>member welcome to join Dan in writing this bit, as a
>way to spark ideas for the TC when we get to that
>layer after structural part of the specification.
>Rolly should be asked to put final requirements
>document for vote to TC.
>John asked about New Orleans face to face.  We will
>discuss it next meeting.
>Agenda for next meeting (to be held on _Tuesday_, Feb 17
>at 6pm (US Eastern Time)
>NOTE: From now on, eContracts TC Meetings will be the
>first and third _Tuesday_ of the month at 6pm US
>Approve Minutes
>Update on Structural from subcommittee
>Presentation of Sematic layer memo
>Presentation (vote?) of (final?)(next draft?)
>Requirements Document
>Discussion of NEw Orleans Face to Face
>New Business
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