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Subject: eContracts TC Meeting Postponed, Products Closure Process Suggested

Based on a lot of off-list e-mails over the last several days, it seems we
will all need some more time to get our parts of the requirements and
structural markup workproducts completed, the TC meeting originally
scheduled for today is postponed for two weeks (same day/time).  The next TC
meeting will be on July 27.

In the meantime, I'd like to have a couple of calls to help manage the end
processes for the Requirements and Structural Markup documents.
Rolly/Peter/Zoran and Jason/Peter/John: can we schedule a time to chat (not
a long one, just 10 minutes or so for each of the calls) to discuss
how/when/whom to bring each document to closure.  If you guys could just
send me your "black out" dates/times over the next 10 days, I'll send back
suggested times for each call.

It is time to bring the open work products to closure, and I'm interested in
discussing ways to do that.  My best guess at the moment would be to get
each document to a best as possible state and do a hand off to a different
team who attempts to finish each document and then either 1. hand it back to
the original team or 2. simply hand it to the TC for discussion and
(amendment if needed before) a vote.

Thanks much,
 - Dan

Daniel J. Greenwood, Esq.

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