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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Several points

Several technical points:
1. An <h> element (heading element) can have a class value of DocumentTitle.
2. The <nr> element is like any in-line element, so it may contain the <l>

My apologies also for not mentioning that of course I'd be delighted to accept
Jason's invitation to contribute these ideas in writing for a final report,
assuming this "minimal XHTML" approach is thought the best direction at this
time for the technical specification. As the SC lead, Jason has every
opportunity to assign specific sections for me, Peter, and others to write --
I'd like to see the first draft pulled together during August, as mentioned. I'd
like to see a presentation about the SC's work at CoALa/Monterrey -- it'd
provide clear opportunities to us to test-market our work.

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