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Subject: Minutes Draft from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2439)

        Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
                            Legal XML Member Section
                               eContracts Technical Committee

                           Teleconference of October Twelvth


Rolly Chambers
Daniel Greenwood
Jason Harrop
Laurence L. Leff, Ph.D.
Zorran Milosovic, Ph.D.
Peter Meyer

18:00 Eastern Time

(There was a brief discussion of the mechanics of reimbursing parties
for travel expenses from Australia to San Francisco for the recent Face-to-Face.
Note, that the expenditure was already approved.)

Mr. Greenwood began, with the consensus of the group, by saying that our
face-to-face was fantastic.  Although, Mr. Chambers was not able to attend,
we were able to represent his works and the use cases of which he was
concerned at the meeting.  

The group proceeded with discusing the Requirements Draft recently submitted
to the list by Mr. Peter Meyer.  All were in consensus, that it represented
a great deal of work, was extremely helpful to the group. 

Mr. Meyer discussed the work.  Unfortunately, some members had not yet had 
time to read the document.   This was recognized as creating a problem.

  We want to get a consensus on "Landscape" and "process on which we
  are focusing and we declare what the specification will do for people."
  This was also viewed as taking an "eagle's eye" approach.
  We have to sort out the scope and order we should approach issues.  We
  might have to defer some items, not ruling them out of scope permanently.
  Requirements Specifications will drive the result and detailed plan for our
  We will have to debate fundamental issues.
  We would get a wider audience if we don't assume that contract documents
  are in XML and there would be separate contract management from the
  contracts themselves.
  It is a problem that we don't have any contract management software vendors 
  at the table.
  Mr. Meyer is not prepared to predict that XML Contracts will be used in
  Mr. Meyer feels that the next most important activities are
     a) everyone should read the documents
     b) Reviewing Section Five to determine what  we should do
This sparked the following discussion:

Two members were concerned about the role of XML in the contracts themselves,
including embedded XML, and one mentioned embedding Uniform Business Language
into contracts.  An embedded date, and the various ways that this could
be marked up,  was mentioned as an example.

It is most valuable to flesh out remainder of document and complete the 
document, particularly those in Seciton Seven.

Some members stressed the importance of ensuring that we have the best
definitions and that we are agreed on our terminology (Section Two).  
One member felt that this should be done
very quickly, before other activities could be finished.

It was recognized that it was important that we share the work and that
all contribute.  Mr. Meyer particularly pointed out the need to help
with semantic markup and expressing obligations (known as deontic logic).
Mr. Meyer will help merge the results.

Jason Herrop volunteered to help with semantic markup (7.3.3, 7.3.4, 7.3.6,
7.3.7, and 7.3.8).

Mr. Daniel Greenwood offered to help with 7.4 (assent).  It would cover the
click-through contract case but would also be based on American
Common Law.

The TC decided to meet October Nineteenth and then again November Third. 
The October Nineteenth meeting would give an opportunity for those just
reading the document to submit some preliminary remarks and also to
possibly discuss terminology issues.

contributing to the requirements document should submit their materials
to Mr. Meyer by October Nineteenth.  This would give Mr. Peter Meyer a week to 
put the new draft of the document to the list and a week for people to read
same before November Third.)
[Note that November Third is a Wednesday.  This is to avoid a conflict
with some activities that some in the US might be doing in connection with
their election day.]

Dr. Laurence L. Leff was authorized to prepare a thank you to Mr. Kelly
Ray of PriceWaterhouse Coopers who submitted information on contracts and 
XBRL and to let him know that we are encouraging all to participate in the 
requirements drafting process.

Daniel Greenwood also noted that the Microsoft National Technology Officer
beleives in the importance of open standards for things like contracts.  He
thus might be interested in participating in our activities.

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