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Subject: eContracts TC Meeting Postponed (was:Re: [legalxml-econtracts] Agenda OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Meeting from Secretary (File id: @@2444) )

There has been a miscommunication regarding the date
of the next TC
meeting.  Work is still being done on the Requirements
Draft and it does
not make sense to have a meeting on that document till
the next draft is
distributed.  This is expected to happen some time
before the week is
out.  The next meeting date for the TC is under
discussion now and I expect
it will happen next week - stay tuned for the revised
meeting notice.

We have a lot of good momentum coming out of the face
to face in San
Francisco, and I'm pleased to see how close we are now
to finishing our
Requirements Document in a way that will allow us to
finish up our draft TC
specification well and more quickly.

Anybody with comments on the current draft of the
Requirements Document
please communicate them to Peter (keeper of the
current draft) and, if
appropriate, please do cc the TC list.

Thanks very much,
   - Daniel Greenwood

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