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Subject: Minutes Draft from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2540)

Minutes of OASIS Legal XML Member Section e-Contracts Technical Committee
                     Teleconference of May 31, 2005


Daniel Greenwood
Dave Marvits
Zoran Milosovic
Peter Meyer
Rolly Chambers
Laurence L. Leff

Daniel Greenwood gave a summary of recent activity.  We have to decide whether
we should review possible host schema or just do a "gap analysis" on the
report from the Structural Markup Committee.  He also noted that we may want
to review this report since that committee based it on XHTML 2.0.  
(Note, the committee now refers to this as Narrative markup.)

(Originally, the committee anticipated that  XHTML 2.0
would have considerable market acceptance.  Thus, there would have
been an advantage to basing the contract structural markup on XHTML 2.0.  
One of the members of the Structural Markup subcommittee said that
after adding to XHTML 2.0 the markup needed for contracts, it was
"barely recognizable as XHTML 2.0.")

However, it was recognized that the structural markup identified
"patterns we needed." Thus, it will be useful to us even should we use
another "host schema." We will use it as a "start up" as it is
close to what we want to achieve.

The committee was pleased with the Schema Evaluation Criteria Draft 001
The committee decided to go with it, subject to the following changes:
  We will expand and raise the profile of the importance of a 
  "hierarchical structure" starting with words and pictures

  Sectin 10.1 lists several "structures or containers" needed for
  contract document markup.  These include "parties," 
  "recitals," "schedules," and "attachments"  We will include a more
   complete list from the report of the Structural Markup Subcommittee
In addition to making these changes, Mr. Peter Meyer agreed to provide a
table or other form that we can use to fill in as each candidate host
schema is evaluated.

The committee reviewed candidates for a host schema for the Narrative
Markup and decided to include the following.  They also assigned
people, as indicated below, to review these and compare to the
evaluation criteria given by Mr.  Peter Meyer.  One category
was the structural markup document.  It is both a candidate at the same
level as the other candidate host schemas.  It is also being used as a "start" 
for the reason above.
   XHTML - noone
   Structural Markup Document - Zoran Milosovic 
   Dita - Peter Meyer
   S1000D - Noone at present but Dr. Leff will take a "quick look"
   DocBook - Laurence Leff
   BNML (*) - Laurence Leff 
   WordML - Daniel Greenwood would do the initial evaluation (!!)
   TEI Text Encoding Initiative (Rolly Chambers)
   the Open Office Markup (noone at present)

(*) BNML is the Business Narrative Markup Language proposed by Mr. Meyer's
company.  He assured us it will be available as open source; he is reviewing
with his attorney the mechanics of doing this.
(!!) In addition to the question of whether it is suitable as a structural
markup language as well as being a serialization of Word internal objects,
there is concern over Intellectual Property issues and whether we could
use it consistent with our charter.  Mr. Daniel Greenwood will be focussing
at these issues primarily in his initial look.

The committee decided to have Dr. Laurence Leff invite Marc Lauritsen,
because of his publications on the
subject of Document Assembly and structuring initiatives,
to our next meeting or to send comments.  In that letter, Dr. Leff will
send the requirements and our document on evaluation criteria for a
host markup.  

The committee also decided to have Daniel Greenwood, as chairperson, contact
the people in the committees responsible for the above candidate host
markups.  He will send them our requirements specification and our document
on evaluation criteria.  In addition, he will contact other potential
partners such as the companies that sell contract management systems.
He will include the same two documents with that letter.  One member noted
that our TC has a liason opportunity folder.

The committee decided that the next meeting will be June 21st.

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