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Subject: Minutes Draft from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2575)

              Minutes meeting of August 24th
          OASIS Legal XML Member Section eContracts Technical Committee

Present: Dave Marvits
Laurence Leff
Dan Greenwood
Dr. Zorran Milosovic
Rolly Chambers

The meeting started late (about 18:12)
due to a mistake in scheduling the teleconference
with freeconference.com.  The secretary apologies for the inconvenience.

The meeting opened with a discussin of using Open Office in a law office
to mark up documents.  An XSLT sheet can be used to export Open Office
documents, uploaindg them into the XML database with XQUERY.  The goal was
to see staff reactions.

Dr. Laurence Leff received responses, as secretary, from the chairpeople
of the Open Document Technical Committee and the Docbook Technical Committee.
These were discussed.

We discussed both proceeding with the BNML submission from Elkera
as well as working with one or more of the other host schema.  Dr. Laurence
Leff, as secretary, will write to the chairpeople of the two other TC
committees who gave us gracious responses and forward these responses
to this Technical Comittee mailing list.
Dr. Laurence Leff, as secretary, will also write to Mr. Meyer of Elkera
requesting "contract examples" done with the BNML schema.  He will aslso
inquire about putting the materials from Elkera on BNML on the OASIS
TC web site.  (Apparently, these were privately mailed to some

There was also discussion of how much it matters which host schema we choose
as it is relatively easy to transform from one schema to another.

We also discussed naming of any product that might be derived from the
Elkera BNML submission.  If core components stay the same, we should
continue to name the standard BNML.   Otherwise, Elkera would probably
want us to use a different name.

The next meeting will be September Seventh at the usual time.

Meeting adjourned at 19:08 Eastern Time.

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