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Subject: Agenda OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Meeting from Secretary (File id: @@2635)

    The OASIS Legal XML Member Section e-Contracts Technical Committee

          Agenda Teleconference January 12th 18:00
                 Scheduled 18:00 Eastern Time

1-641-297-5400  (Iowa)   Access Code 84759 

18:00:00 Thursday January 12, 2006 in America/New_York converts to
23:00:00 Thursday January 12, 2006 in GMT 

1) Your Secretary notes that this would be an appropriate time to approve
   the outstanding minutes from last year as listed below.

2) Continue previous discussions as outlined in the previous minutes:

   This includes the list entitled "Development steps for TC Specification
   Revised" which you can find annotated at at
    (We left off at Section 2.5 on which we were waiting for input from
     TC members not on the last call.)

3) Discussion of issues from the informal group  that met before and after
   the meeting of December 26th 2005

4) Possible activities in the Western Illinois University Graphical User
   Interface course in the Spring 2006 semester
   to update software on Source Forge (The Amina
   Contract Editor and the ClickThrough software) to reflect the standard
   to be produced

The following are the outstanding minutes, subject to be approval of the
Technical Committee:

 minutes of the meeting of July 20th:

   minutes of the meeting of August Third:

minutes of the meeting of August Seventeenth 

minutes of the meeting of August 24th 

minutes of meeting of September Fourteenth 

minutes of meeting of October Nineteenth

Minutes of Meeting October 27th

Minutes of Meeting of November Tenth - 

Minutes of Meeting of December Twenty-First

Minutes, Meeting of December Twenty-Sixth

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