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Subject: Item & block content models in eContracts schema

Dear TC members,

During our last meeting on 19 January, we discussed point 2.10 of the list
of development steps set out in my email of 28 October 2005. The question
was whether to use the loose, standard or tight models in the TC's schema.
See the draft minutes from Dr Leff in his email of 23 January.

During our discussions I mentioned that one of the markup examples provided
with the initial BNML schema package exemplified the need for use of the
loose model. I was asked to identify the example.

In the package of schema documents, I included the eBay user and privacy
agreement from

The relevant XML file is at \BNML eContracts v0.02\Samples\eBay user and
A PDF file was also included.

I refer to section 17 of the User agreement. That section appears to be
unique in that agreement. It has the following structure:

17. Resolution
Paragraph of text
17.1 Binding Arbitration
	Paragraph of text
17.2 Court
      Paragraph of text
17.3 Alternative Dispute Resolution
      Paragraph of text
Paragraph of text beginning "All Claims ...".

To markup this structure:
* The first paragraph after the clause 17 heading requires use of the
Standard model in the BNML schema that allows block to precede the first

* In the marked up example I included a note to the effect that the last
paragraph appears to be a sibling of clause 17.3, not a child. It is
difficult to interpret as part of clause 17.3. If the drafter intended it to
be a sibling of clause 17.3 it can only be marked up using the loose model
which allows block and item in any order.

I believe our discussions are correctly summarized in the draft minutes
submitted by Dr Leff.

If anyone has any questions about this, please let me know.

Peter Meyer

Elkera Pty Limited (ACN 092 447 428)
Email: pmeyer@elkera.com
Ph: +61 2 8440 6900 * Fax: +61 2 8440 6988
Skype: pwrmeyer

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