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Subject: Minutes Draft from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2690)

            Minutes, Teleconference of June Twenty-Ninth 2006
  The OASIS Legal XML Member Section e-Contracts Technical Committee

Daniel Greenwood
David Marvits
Peter Meyer
Zoran Milosovic, Ph.D.
Laurence Leff, Ph.D.

The meeting came to order at 18:07 Eastern Time

We discussed the revised schema that Mr. Peter Meyers circulated.
All items  and suggested changes in previous minutes were addressed.
The TC came to a consensus that "there are no surprises."

We discussed the markup of party and data slots and whether a party
was a subtype of data slots.  We also discused the needs for dictionaries
for the markup and data for specific  areas of endeavour such as
architectural specifications that might be in a construction contract.
We also discused how this data might be typed and these types specified.
For example, a community could use XML Schema or XML Forms to specify this.
The consensus was that we don't have enough information about how those
areas would use the specification and the form of their data to reach
definite conclusions now.

The TC came to a consensus that we are satisfied with the schemas
and that they are functionally complete.  We anticipate some more "cleanup."
This would include oriented the file names and directory structure
for the schema files, adding more annotations, and providing 
the schema in DTD, Relax NG, and XML Schema formats.

The TC next discussed the process of having the writing of the
specification done , how we would recruit and select a Technical Writer,
and work with them.  The TC also discussed whether the technical writer
could start work in parallel with the above cleanup.

We would use the Statement of Work as a recruitment tool and will have
technical writer candidates submit a one-page proposal explaining
how they would approach the work.   

We decided that the final specification would be prepared in OASIS Docbook
with, hopefully, with a copy in Microsoft Word for convenience. 

The TC put the deadline for the responses to the statement of work
as July Fourteenth.  The meeting to ratify the decision of who the
Technical Writer would be and the deadline to start working with the
technical committee would be July Twentieth at the usual time.

The meeting adjourned at 19:01 Eastern Time

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