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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Draft eContracts specification for member review

Dear TC Members,

Dr Leff and Mr Sasagawa have submitted a substantially complete draft of the
TC's specification. There are still some changes to be made before the TC
votes on it but it is believed to be close enough that we can plan to
finalise the development process.

The current draft materials are available on the TC section of the OASIS
website at:

Current version of the eContracts schema package:

Current version of the draft specification:

To read the schema, it is best to examine either the Relax NG or DTD version
in the zip package.

Dr Leff is making further changes to the dictionary by inserting the Relax
NG content models in the element descriptions before the natural language

During a phone conference today it was decided that:

1. Members should provide final suggestions for changes to Dr Leff by the
end of December 1, 2006.

2. Dr Leff and Mr Sasagawa will revise the specification and submit a final
draft in the following week.

3. There will be a TC phone conference on December 7 at which the TC may
adopt the draft specification and submit it to OASIS for the review process,
with or without minor corrections.

I (Peter Meyer) intend to make a range of suggestions for change to the
draft specification, including:

* expand the Introduction and scope section to further clarify our
objectives for the schema.
* adjust various explanations for completeness and clarity.
* changes to examples to make them easier to follow and simpler
* minor re-ordering of some of the topics in the specification.

I will circulate these suggested changes to the TC.

You are invited to review the current drafts and submit final requests for
changes by 1 December.

Dr Leff will circulate a formal agenda and meeting details for December 7.

Peter Meyer

Elkera Pty Limited (ACN 092 447 428)
Email: pmeyer@elkera.com
Ph: +61 2 8440 6900 * Fax: +61 2 8440 6988
Skype: pwrmeyer

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