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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: File Transmission @@2753

Mr. Greenwood, our chairperson, suggested that I update the membership
of the TC on the status and issues in preparing the specification for
and the interactions with Ms. Mary McRae, Manager of Technical Committee

1) Ms. McRae pointed me at the OASIS Specification Publishing in Docbook
XML Draft 0.4

Based on this, I was able to prepare a satisfactory HTML file from the
XML for our document.

I also prepared a PDF file, as well.  As you know, there was a difficulty
in getting the table of contents to come out properly in the PDF rendition
from our XML document.  That is now solved.

There is a warning message output during the XSL stylesheet processing
to generate the PDF.  I forwarded this to 
Ms. McRae.  I anticipate she will forward this to Mr. Holman who has
worked on the style sheets.
However, it may not affect the output for use in our purposes.

Ms. McRae offered to prepare a PDF file by screen scapture from the HTML
if necesary.

2)  The OASIS Specification templates include an authorgroup metadata.
There are sgml tags and places to enter:
1) editor
2) author
3) othercredit  This is to be used for "committee chairs"

I am confused as to which of these we must use and whose names, if any,
go in any of these sites.  
Ms. McRae is particularly concerned about the editor category in
that section.
As mentioned in the agenda for the January 25th teleconference,
I have sent a communication to Ms. McRae, 
in which I requested clarification of these issues.

OASIS Naming Guidelines: Metadata and Versioning, docs.oasis-open.org/specGuidelines/namingGuidelines/metadata.html provides some background on these

3) The date on the specification has been updated to December 21 to 
reflect when our TC approved the specification
I also designated this Committee Draft 01 on Ms. McRae's instructions.

4) Ms. McRae asked about the DTD and XML Schema (XSD) versions of the
specification.  I told her that these are not normative
and I would attempt to prepare these using the instructions in the
specification using the trang tool.  I also mentioned that Mr. Meyer
could also do this.

Here are the locations of the versions of our specification uploaded
on January Nineteenth 2007.




PDF (A4):

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