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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Re: [legalxml-econtracts] Agenda OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Meeting from Secretary (File id: @@2739)

Dear Dr leff,

I am not avilable that day. I would be 24hrs later, but hope this is not


On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 21:16:18 -0600 (CST), "Dr. Laurence Leff"
<D-Leff@wiu.edu> said:
>     The OASIS Legal XML member Section e-Contracts Technical Committee
>                Teleconference January Twenty-Fifth 18:00 Eastern Time
> Call in 1-641-297-5400  (Iowa)   Participant Access Code 84759 
> Urgent discussion of specification finalization.
> We are asking you to reserve the time in case the meeting is needed.
> We will try and confirm as early as possible that day.

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