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Subject: Issues for meeting on 12 April

Dear TC members,

In readiness for the meeting today, I was asked to prepare a draft
disposition log for the comments received during the 60 days public review
period of the draft spec and set out the steps needed to complete our TC

Attached is my suggested disposition log for the comments received. This
draft is in conformity with the decision at our meeting last week that the
TC would not make any of the proposed changes to the draft specification.

Under clause 3.2 of the OASIS Technical Committee Process rules, the TC is
free to consider its draft for approval by the TC as a Committee
Specification because it has completed a review cycle during which it has
received no comments that result in Substantive Changes to the

More than 7 days has elapsed since the end of the review period.
Accordingly, the TC is free to vote to approve the specification as a
Committee Specification under clause 3.3 of the Rules.

To approve our specification as a Committee Specification, we need to
complete the following steps:

1. The TC must acknowledge the receipt of each comment, track the comments
received, and publish to its primary e-mail list the disposition of each
comment at the end of the review period (clause 3.2). We need to approve the
draft disposition log.

2. The TC will need to pass a resolution authorising the TC Chair to notify
the OASIS TC Administrator that the TC is ready to vote on the approval of
the specification.

3. The Chair must notify the OASIS TC Administrator that the TC is so ready
and provide the TC Administrator with a link to the TC's authorising
resolution plus the location of the editable versions of the specification

4. The TC Administrator will conduct a Special Majority Vote. This is
defined as:
(ff) "Special Majority Vote" is a TC vote in which at least 2/3 (two thirds)
of the Voting Members vote " yes" and no more than 1/4 (one fourth) of the
Voting Members vote "no". These numbers are based on the total number of
Voting Members, regardless of the number of Voting Members present in the
meeting. Abstentions are not counted. For example, in a TC in which there
are 30 Voting Members, at least 20 Voting Members must vote "yes" for a
motion to pass; but if 8 or more vote "no" then the motion fails. All
Special Majority Votes must be conducted by the OASIS TC Administrator.

I understand this will be conducted by electronic ballot of TC members.

A TC requires a Minimum Membership which is defined as:
(m) "Minimum Membership" means five Voting Members of a TC (or, in the case
of a TC about to be formed, five Eligible Persons), at least two of which
represent OASIS Organizational Members.

The Quorum for OASIS TC meetings is a simple majority (more than half) of
Voting Members. If we have 5 Voting members, a quorum is 3.



eContracts disposition of comments.pdf

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