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Subject: Minutes Draft from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2798)

             Minutes, Teleconference of April Ninteenth
   THe OASIS Legal XML Member Section e-Contracts Technical Committee
Peter Meyer, Dave Marvit, Rolly Chambers, Dan Greenwood

The meeting started at 18:05 Eastern Time

Western Illinois University contracted that it would receive "an additional
payment of $7500.00" if the consultant delivered "the first substantially
complete draft of the specification" by a certain deadline and "it was
subsequently approved by the TC."  TC decided that Western Illinois University
should invoice for the full payment.

The committee briefly discussed the suggestion received that it should proceed
to going on to a full OASIS standard and the requirements in the TC  policy
for an OASIS standard.

They decided to have a meeting to launch the standard.  It should
coincide with the formal press release and announcement by  OASIS
that the specification was aproved.  It set a tendative date (see below)
subject to coordination with OASIS to
achieve that simultaneity.  The Technical Committee noted that the
secretary prepared a list of people who were involved with the Technical
Committee at some point and that invitations should be sent to them for that
meeting.  Mr. Greenwood arranged for some sort of videoconferencing
so that people could use webcams to see each other and to add some
touch of ceremony to the meeting.

At this launch meeting, the people will present determine how the TC will 
proced, and if there is "energy" for further work.  Such continuation might
include working to make this specification an OASIS standard.

The Technical Committee also discussed the draft of the press release
that Mr. Peter Meyer circulated.  It was decided that Mr. Meyer will work
with Carol Geyer, OASIS Director of Communications while Mr. Greenwood
coordinates with Massachussetts Institutes of Technology.

Lastly the Technical Committee resolved that "It is ready to vote 
on the Specification and request the TC administrator to conduct the
Special Majority vote to approve the Draft Specification as a Committee
Specification."  (Peter Meyer made the motion.  David Marvit seconded.)
The vote was unanimous with one abstention.  That abstention was to avoid
a conflict between that person's role as a member and as an employee
and project director for the contractor OASIS engaged to help with
the specification.

The Committee adjouned at 18:34 Eastern Standard Time (New York City),
determining the tentative date of May Third for the "launch meeting"
at the usual time (1800: Eastern)

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