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legalxml-enotary-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: ashtong@adelphia.net

I notice there is little comment in this TC's
documents about ownership and control of the
hardware and software used by a contract party to
digitally execute a document. It appears that
the NNA's model is to execute the document on
a computer owned by a notary, using software
supplied by a notary. As a wary potential
seller of real estate, I would want to transfer
the document to my own computer and view it
with open source software that I have obtained
from what I view as a reliable source. I would
then execute it using the same software. Finally
I would transfer it to the notary's computer
so the notary could sign the certificate of

It is much like the problem of electronic voting
machines. I cannot be sure that what is recorded
on a computer disk corresponds to what appears on
a computer screen unless it is MY disk and MY
screen under MY exclusive control.

Gerry Ashton

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