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legalxml-enotary-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: ashtong@adelphia.net

This is a rather late reply to this comment (in part):
"From: "Thomas E WROSCH" <Thomas.E.Wrosch@state.or.us> 
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 11:52:55 -0700 

This is a good point. I think to some degree, the NNA (and many others') model assumes a trust in the original wrapper technology that the notary receives. That is, the document is sent to the notary with a secure wrapper and the notary appends the signature and notarization to it, probably also wrapping them."

Some of my concerns are that the software on the notary's computer might not correctly represent the document, so the document might contain terms that are not shown. Also, the notary could make intentional or accidental changes to the document between the time I sign it and the time the notary signs it.

The way I would like to see it work would be similar to this:

1. I receive the document on my computer well in advance of the signing ceremony so I have time to study it. I use the software of my choice to display it so I can convince myself that there is no hidden text, and that I will only be signing the parts I should be signing.

2. I sign the document on my computer with a cryptographic signature and secure time-stamp.

3. I meet with the notary, hand a CD with the signed document to the notary, and orally acknowledge it.

4. The notary reads the CD, cryptographicly signs the acknowedgement certificate, adds a secure time-stamp.

5. Optionally, the notary gathers information about me for his/her log, such as handwritten signature, digital photo, etc.

6. The notary emails or sends CDs to the interested parties.

Gerry Ashton

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