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Subject: RE: [legalxml-intj-exmndr] MNDR status check-in: sections 5,6,7

Following is an excerpt of the approach I'm taking for the first draft of these sections:


It should be noted that this first draft will assume adoption of existing Global JXDM standards as introduced in GTRI training materials, applicable UBL standards and relevant OASIS Integrated Justice TC draft documents.

 However, a second draft could be developed for GTRI and Global review which would adopt most if not all UBL Naming and Design Standards such that Global JXDM could become UBL conformant ( or compatible?) industry specific standard.  This fully UBL compliant version of Global JXDM would afford utilization of UBL standard based automated tools for future development.  The major changes for UBL conformance would require mapping existing Global JXDM types into the five UBL Component types which are built (as is done in Global JXDM) on ebXML core components.  These types include Unspecialized DataTypes (udt:), Specialized DataTypes (sdt:), Core Component Types (cct: ), Basic Business Information Entities (BBIE) and Aggregate Business Information Entities (ABIE’s , ASBIE’s).  This component xsd:annotation standard is documented in the UBL Core Component Parameter schema (ccts: ).  Although this classification of Global JXDM types would not be difficult to complete and could even be done programatically, Global JXDM policy currently does not permit direct extension (even extensions via xsd:annotation ) of the Global JXDM dictionary.  Additionally, current practice only permits segregation of Global JXDM schema into a document schema, user-defined extension schema, subset schema and constraint schema.  UBL, on the other hand, creates the five component types noted above and creates a schema module for each component.  For example, in UBL , all BBIE’s are combined into a schema module called “UBL-CommonBasicComponents-1.0.xsd”. 

 Regarding the first draft:


I have updated the UBL matrix (checklist) substituting GJXDM for UBL where the rule is consistent with GTRI training standards and highlighting the rule number in GREEN.  For rules that are relevant to GJXDM and UBL and required no modification, I left them as is, and finally for UBL rules that would require GJXDM to adopt the component type classification identified in the status above -- I highlighted those rules in RED.

I've completed the first update to all the UBL rules and am now reviewing GTRI training material to introduce any rules not already addressed by UBL.  I hope to have this second pass done by next Friday and will publish the 1st work-in-progress document.  I will then focus the following week on completing the narrative portions of the document (Section 5), the Instance Document draft (Section 6 & 7)  and will have the 1st draft on the list by the due date.






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Subject: [legalxml-intj-exmndr] MNDR status check-in: sections 3, 4, 8

Unfortunately, my check-in this week will be quite short.  Other than trying to think through some of the content in my mind, I haven't made any progress this week on my sections.  I expect to do better next week.


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