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legalxml-intjustice message

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Subject: New Version of Sentence Order package

I've just uploaded a new version of the sentence order schema package deliverable to the TC site.

Our workgroup has made changes to our domain model, mapping, and schemas based on review at the National Center sentence order workshop in Chicago last month, plus review that I facilitated with subject-matter experts at the Washington Department of Corrections.

In the time since the previous version, I have also migrated the domain model artifact from Visio to ArgoUML (http://argouml.tigris.org/). ArgoUML is a much better UML diagramming tool in my view, and it's also freely available for download. It uses XMI (open industry standard and XML-based metadata language) to store the model structure, which makes the model importable into many other tools. There is a commercial version of ArgoUML (with lots of added features) called Poseidon (http://www.gentleware.com/). Both Argo and Poseidon are Java applications, so to run them you need to install a Java virtual machine (e.g., Sun's Java 2 runtime.)

I've generated a gif from the model and included it in the package, so you don't need to install Argo to view the model. However, if you do install Argo, the model is SentenceOrderModel.zargo in the root of the zipfile.

See you all next week in Seattle...

Scott Came
President and Principal Consultant
Justice Integration Solutions, Inc.
Olympia, Washington

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