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Subject: MNDR Status (Fri Jan 28)

The purpose of this email is to report status of the MNDR subcommittee.

1. Subcommittee status. The subcommittee's charter was approved by the full TC. Unfortunately, OASIS staff have not yet set up our document area and mailing list, despite a number of requests from Ellen and myself. We will keep working this issue. In the meantime, the subcommittee will use the full TC list for communication.

2. Status check-ins. I would like to propose that the leads identified for each section provide a brief email status each Friday to the subcommittee list. Leads are identified in the minutes from the Jan 12 conference call, which are posted to the TC document area at OASIS. Leads, please let me know if you disagree with this proposal. I think it's important, given our tight schedule for this deliverable, to maintain a weekly "heartbeat" so we don't lose momentum.

For convenience, the leads are:

Sec 1: Ellen Perry
Sec 2: Tom Carlson
Sec 3: Scott Came
Sec 4: Scott Came
Sec 5: Nancy Rutter
Sec 6: John Ruegg (tentative...see below)
Sec 7: John Ruegg
Sec 8: Scott Came (tentative...see below)

3. Leads needed. We did not identify leads for sections 6 and 8. The lead's chief responsibilities (beyond being a contributor) would be to submit the brief weekly check-in and coordinate the work of the other contributors. I propose that John Ruegg and Scott Came serve as leads for sections 6 and 8, respectively. John, please let me know if you're unwilling to lead section 6.

4. Section documents. I took an action item from the Jan 12 call to investigate document format for the deliverable. OASIS maintains Word templates for specifications (http://www.oasis-open.org/spectools/index.php). I propose that each lead set up the skeleton document for each section, and then distribute it to the other contributors as appropriate. We can use the change tracking and document merging features of Word to manage collaborations.

Be sure to use only the identified styles in the template and sample document. This will make the merging of the final deliverable easier.

Please name your section file according to the OASIS specifications at http://www.oasis-open.org/spectools/docs/wd-spectools-instructions-02.html. I propose that we use "mndr-secX" for the "short title" part of the name, and that we use "wd" (working draft) for the editorial status. For the "version" part of the name, I propose that each section group work out how they maintain versions within the group, but that drafts shared outside the group (e.g., posted to the document area) use sequential numbering.  As an example, section 1 would be:  wd-ijtc-mndr-sec1-v1.doc.

Don't bother with the document metadata...we'll do that in the final, single merged MNDR document.

If you need some guidance for style, tone, etc. (especially with respect to how to phrase normative statements), look at any of the existing OASIS standards on the web, but especially the UBL NDR document at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/9943/cd-UBL-NDR-1.0Rev1b.pdf.

For significant normative statements, it would probably be a good idea to vet them on the subcommittee or TC list (as appropriate), since these will form the core of the MNDR standard. We should do these as we go as much as possible, so we don't try to vet and approve them in a big chunk in April.

Section documents should be posted to the document area (once OASIS sets it up for us) whenever any significant changes are made.

5. Terminology. As some TC members may be aware, the GJXDM Training and Technical Assistance Committee (GTTAC) has recently proposed changing the term "Exchange Document" to "Information Exchange Package". (This was briefly discussed on the TC conference call last week.) Since some of this terminology is still "in limbo", I propose that we continue using the term "exchange document" in the short term, and that we change it globally once the issue settles down a bit (which it should do in the next month.)

6. Upcoming milestone. Three weeks from today (Feb 18) is the due date of first drafts of sections.

7. Membership reminder. Just a reminder that all IJ TC members and observers are encouraged to participate in the MNDR work. We are in need of all the help we can get!

Thanks everyone. Please respond to the list if you disagree with any of the proposals above. Absent that, we'll exchange status check-ins next Friday, with perhaps some discussions in the meantime.


Scott Came
President and Principal Consultant
Justice Integration Solutions, Inc.
Olympia, Washington

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