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legalxml-intjustice message

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Subject: Schedule for IPR Transition or TC closure

To:  Members of the OASIS LegalXML Integrated Justice TC, and their
organizational primary representatives

   Please note that we will require action from this TC in a very
short timespan, if the committee wishes to remain active after 15
April 2007, the transition deadline for our 2005 OASIS IPR Policy.
Those TCs that have not yet formally initiated their transition
ballot process should do so immediately, or may risk closure.
    When we adopted the current IPR Policy, all pre-existing OASIS
TCs were given a 2-year period for transition to the new rules.
This TC continues to operate under the prior IPR Policy, but must
complete a successful IPR Transition vote, or close, by 15 April 2007.
     Many TCs have transitioned, but some including this one remain
unresolved.  We understand that this TC would like to continue.
We'd be pleased to have your further participation here.  But this
only can occur if the TC completes its transition on time.  That
requires that the TC immediately select a mode and initiate the
process within a few weeks.  Otherwise it's unlikely that a
successful transition vote can be completed before 15 April, and the
TC must be closed.  Please see the timeline below.
   Time is short, and we value your continued contributions.  We
encourage you not to take the chance of postponing action any
longer. Your TC members may need time to agree on a choice among the
new policy's three IPR licensing modes.  The final Transition
Approval Ballot must be *unanimous* in order to succeed.
   Please contact me, my colleague Mary McRae, or any other member
of the OASIS standards development staff if you have questions or
need assistance with the required votes.
   Thank you for your work to support OASIS and open standards.
   Regards  JBC

~ James Bryce Clark
~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
~ jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

TIMELINE:  We strongly encourage completion of the transition ballot
by the end of March:

   *  The TC's vote to choose an IPR mode should completed by 13
February 2007, if at a live quorate meeting, or if done by web
ballot, the ballot should be opened by 6 February 2007.
   *  The "Transition Request" notice of the vote to the TC
Administrator should be sent no later than 14 February 2007.  The
last possible date is 1 March 2007.
   *  The 14-day Transition ballot should commence no later than 16
March 2007.
   *  The last date for completion of a successful unanimous Transition
ballot to avoid closure is 15 April 2007.

   2005 IPR Policy: http://www.oasis-open.org/who/
   Rules for TC IPR Transition: http://www.oasis-open.org/who/ipr/
   FAQ about Transition Policy: http://www.oasis-open.org/who/ipr/

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