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Subject: [legalxml-legislative] Example requirements document from anotherlegalxml TC


This has just come out from the court filing TC. Thought you'd all like to
see it as an example of what another TC is doing in respect to requirements.

Best regards, 


Chet Ensign
Senior Director, Architecture & Development Services
Phone: 973-820-2466
Fax: 973-820-2469

-----Original Message-----
From: Bergeron, Donald L. (LNG-DAY)
Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002 1:42 PM
To: 'legalxml-courtfiling@lists.oasis-open.org';
Cc: Bergeron, Donald L. (LNG-DAY)
Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling] Final Call - Court Filing Policy
Requirements - Due by 5pm EDST 10/22/2002
Importance: High

Today we will begin a 4 day voting period on this requirements document.
This document has been posted four times for comment. On the day it was
posted a number of additional thoughtful edits were done and posted by Roger
Winters. This document reflects those edits with limited exceptions. I have
accepted over 99% of Roger's proposed changes.  My only substantive change
is to indicate that a courts policy may be registered in more than one
location to improve the function of discovery.
I now call will for any final objections to both the Court Filing and Court
Filing Policy lists. The voting period will be from 2:00pm EDST on Friday,
October 18, 2002 through 5:00pm EDST on Tuesday October 22, 2002. If there
are no objections this document shall go under formal change control at the
end of this period. 
Please give a final thoughtful read. I thank you in advance for your input
and involvement. 
Don Bergeron 

Attachment: CourtPolicy20021018.doc
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