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legalxml-legislative message

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Subject: Meeting & Agenda: OASIS LegalXML Legislative TC - Friday 5/7/2004 @ 1:00-2:00 PM EDST

Meeting Announcement
OASIS LegalXML Legislative Technical Committee
When:  Friday May 7, 2004 @ 1:00-2:00 PM EDST
Conference Dial-in:  512-225-3050 
Conference Guest Code:  84759#
Leader: Chet Ensign &  Daniel Bennett

Note:  If you cannot make this meeting we apologize in advance. Time is of
the essence. We commit to providing clear minutes of this meeting and to
schedule a quick follow up to continue our discussions.

	Leadership Discussion - Interim Chair Changes - Framework for
Leadership (10 	Min)
	Interest & Commitment of Resources - Editor & Secretary (10 Min)
	OASIS LegalXML Legislative Technical Committee Report to Member
Section (5 Min)
	State & Federal Legislative Electronic Document Usage & Capability
Survey (5 	Min)
	Dublin Core Usage Modelling - Protect & Document Current Work &
Speed up effort 	(10 Min)
	Next two Telephone Conference Meeting Targets & Face-2-Face (15 Min)
	Message to Technical Committee Members (2 Min)
	Targeted Solicitation for Prospective Members (2 Min)
	OASIS LegalXML Member Section Meeting Report - Will post URL to the
meeting    	information (1 Min)

Below is the status report to the LegalXML Member Section for the OASIS
Symposia Meeting:

OASIS LegalXML Member Section
Legislative Technical Committee

Status Report
April 28, 2004

TC Goals
The OASIS LegalXML Legislative Technical Committee is a community focused on
the definition and use of XML and related technologies for legislative
document s and information. It is focused on the needs of the Legislative
community, setting the correct focus for the development of specifications
and deliverables. There are at least three stakeholders groups in our
community. The originators, distributors, and end users of legislative
content all have needs and legitimate interests.

This effort targets the support of these stakeholders when their needs
critically, those needs that have near-term value are thoughtfully discussed
and prioritized. If we do not coordinate our efforts we will end up
competing and diluting the outcome.  

OASIS provides the framework and open methodology that can help us create
standards that are trusted, adopted and used. 

Recent Activities
The technical committee has been looking at the descriptive metadata for
legislation focusing on the proper use of Dublin Core. 

It is preparing a survey, to be distributed shortly, to understand the
current use of metadata, XML, and other structured markup systems (SGML,
PDF) across the States and Federal governments.

Identifying a set of potential new members of the community to be invited to
goal setting activities. Prepare to reinforce the current members of the
community in their involvement and in goal setting and planning.

Completed Products
None as of yet

What you intend to accomplish during the next twelve months
Continue the development of a usage model/content rules within the Dublin
Core Initiative's vocabulary for the legislative content documents. Target
date is TBD.

To identify the goals and short-term specific needs of the legislative and
regulatory community using a survey and active outreach followed by focused
discussions with interested stakeholders in the community with a target of
the end of July 2004

To lay out a roadmap of needed standards and to focus on one standard for
specific requirements definition / review and launch the first standards
creation effort with a target of September 2004

To plan for specific requirements definition / review for the first standard
under an aggressive schedule.
What you need from the Member Section to accomplish your goals)
Under discussion


Chet Ensign & Daniel Bennett

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