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legalxml-legislative message

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Subject: Message To OASIS LegalXML Legislative Documents Community

Good day:

The OASIS LegalXML Legislative Documents Technical Committee is trying to
identify the needs of our community, so we can set the correct focus for
developing our specifications and deliverables.

There are at least three stakeholder groups in our community: the
originators, the distributors, and the end users of legislative content. All
of the members in these groups have needs and interests in establishing open
standards for legislative content and metadata that support their very
different operational requirements. The work of the Legislative Documents TC
can support these stakeholders when their needs specifically, those needs
that have near-term value are thoughtfully discussed, prioritized and
addressed. We ask for your participation in such an effort.

The technical committee is preparing a survey, to be distributed shortly, to
understand the current use of metadata, XML, and other structured markup
systems (SGML, PDF) across the States and Federal governments. We would
appreciate your participating in the survey. It will help the TC identify
specific business or operational needs that various stakeholders bring to
the table where standards in this area could help!  

During the next few meetings, I will continue to invite all people who have
been involved in this effort to continue within these discussions and goal
setting. Once this is complete, we shall return to the OASIS rules that only
OASIS members may participate in the meetings of the committee. We welcome
your continued participation in the work of the TC!

You can either participate directly, by joining OASIS LegalXML (here:
<http://www.oasis-open.org/join/>) and helping us set and execute the
agenda, or indirectly, by following the TC's work on the public mailing
lists and providing feedback using the public comment forms OASIS provides
for all TCs. 

Please reply to this email and cc. donald.bergeron@lexisnexis.com and
sam.hunting@lexisnexis.com with your thoughts. And please look forward to us
to contact you soon to follow up.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone that should be interested in this
effort and forward their email, phone number or other contact information,
so that I may follow-up.
Thank you in advance for your input. 


Don Bergeron

Acting Co-Chair OASIS LegalXML Legislative Documents TC

O - 937-865-1276



Donald L. Bergeron
Systems Designer
O 937-865-1276
H 937-748-2775
M 937-672-7781

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