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legalxml-legislative message

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OASIS LegalXML Legislative TC 
Meeting Minutes
May 20, 2004
Daniel Bennett, Co-chair (present)
Don Bergeron, Co-chair (present)
Sam Hunting, Editor (regrets)
Joe Carmel, House of Representatives 
Chet Ensign, LexisNexis
Kelly Ray, Price Waterhouse Coopers
Anne Washington, Library of Congress 
Aileen Wood, Research Institute of America (RIA) 

[Note: Thank you Chet for taking the minutes!]
1) Roll call
2) Minutes review
Reviewing topics discussed at last meeting. - Don will resend the minutes.
3) Status - State & Federal Legislative Electronic Document 
Usage & Capability Survey 
Sam, Daniel and Ann have reviewed the questionnaire and it is ready to go.
It will be posted on a website and the results will automatically be entered
into a database. We will send notices to all states and would like to get
responses from at least 9 key states. We will definitely get Nebraska and

Plan now is to notify people next week. Accepted by the folks on the phone. 

We will do a checkpoint on the results received at the meeting on June 3rd. 
4) Status - Dublin Core Usage Modeling 
Don asked the participants to send any documents related to the metadata
modeling to Sam at sam.hunting@lexisnexis.com
<mailto:sam.hunting@lexisnexis.com> . Sam will consolidate the material into
a single document that we can work from as a starting point. 

5) Schedule: Next two Telephone Conference Meeting Targets
Don reviewed the dates and times proposed for the next two meetings: June 3
and June 10, 2:00-3:00 EDST. (The following week, June 17th, is a conflict
for Don, Chet and Sam.) The participants agreed that these dates will work
and agreed to determine the next meeting at the June 3rd conference call. 
6) Discussion of Face-To-Face 
Discussion of the timing and location for the face-to-face. General
agreement that June is too early. Problems with July/August because of
vacations. Daniel will let us know about his availability last week of July
or last week of August. 

Don has discussed having Betty Harvey facilitate the face-to-face meeting.
Also discussion about having Dale Waldt speak to the group. Don asked Aileen
to help him encourage Dale to join the group. 

Kelly volunteered to present to the group how PWC is envisioning using the
metadata & document standards to deliver value to the business community,
including deriving business rules from legislative metadata via Web
Services. Group is very interested in that. 

Kelly has sent Sam some comments on metadata that would be useful. 

7) Discussion on Targeted Solicitation for Prospective Members 
Don asks that email addresses be forwarded to him for outreach. Asks if
anyone has had an opportunity to review. Neither Aileen nor Kelly have had
an opportunity to read it through so Don defers discussion until the next

8) New business 
Minutes submitted May 20, 2004. 



Donald L. Bergeron
Systems Designer
O 937-865-1276
H 937-748-2775
M 937-672-7781

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