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legalxml-legislative message

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>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Bergeron, Donald L. (LNG-DAY)  
> Sent:	Wednesday, May 12, 2004 5:07 PM
> To:	'legalxml-legislative@lists.oasis-open.org'
> Cc:	Bergeron, Donald L. (LNG-DAY); Ensign, Chet (LNG-EWR); Hunting, Sam
> COMMITTEE - MAY 7, 2004
> Importance:	High
> MAY 7, 2004
> Attendees:
> Dee Schur - OASIS
> Eileen Woods - Research Institute of America, Harrisburg, PA
> Kelly Ray - PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dallas
> Chet Ensign - LexisNexis
> Don Bergeron - LexisNexis
> Daniel Bennett - Citizen Contact 
> Sam Hunting - LexisNexis
> Michael Aisenberg - Verisign, DC 
> Jaime Clark - OASIS
> [Note: I thank Kelly Ray for taking these minutes! - Don]
> 200 people attended general session
> LegalXML - Core filing, Integrated Justice had meetings with 12-13 in
> attendance plus conference call
> Leadership Discussion - Interim Chair Changes - Framework for
> Leadership (10 	Min)
> Chet:  Legislative TC has existed for some time, but has not been
> focused/active.  Don Bergeron will be taking on the role of TC Co-chair.
> Don Bergeron was chair of LegalXML Steering Committee until last year when
> whole steering committee turned over.  Sam Hunting becoming active.  Sam
> has background with standards work. Sam was one of the early participants
> in the LegalXML Court Filing effort.  Sam understands that we are a
> private/public partnership.  Sam will be assigned to the TC as Secretary
> and Editor.   
> Court Filing TC and Integrated Justice TC operate with co-chair structure.
> Tradition is one co-chair is from private sector.  Other co-chair has been
> a member of the public sector portion of the community.  Believe that this
> is a good model for this community.  Helps in design and eases adoption
> and use.  Reaching out to the National Association of State Legislatures
> and other professional organizations will be a key component of this
> effort.
> Daniel Bennett indicated that he would be willing to step down as a chair
> once the public chair was found and voted in. He will remain active in the
> standards effort.
> Elections for the co-chairs will occur once the current recruiting drive
> is complete. Don will stand for election at that time.
> Interest & Commitment of Resources - Editor & Secretary (10 Min)
> Don:  Sam Hunting will serve in this role.  Sam is calm and has a history
> of listening.  As editor, he asks probing questions.  
> OASIS LegalXML Legislative Technical Committee Report to Member
> Section (5 Min)
> See Appendix A.
> State & Federal Legislative Electronic Document Usage & Capability Survey
> (5 	Min)
> Chet:  Dan has developed survey and is having a staff member pre-populate
> the survey with publicly available information.  Will distribute to the
> Technical Committee and get feedback.  
> Dan:  Currently going through the data gathering process.  Ann Washington
> did great job on ferreting through what information we need to know from
> the respondents.  
> Daniel was very sensitive to the community
> Dublin Core Usage Modeling - Protect & Document Current Work &
> Speed up effort 	(10 Min)
> Don:  Difficulty in not having the initial data to use to develop
> standard.  Daniel's effort will help seed this initiative.
> Need to begin to get a good solid vocabulary.  Sam is going to consolidate
> material from OASIS email streams into a central document, combine that
> work with input from the survey, and begin laying out the work product(s).
> The committee is considering a workshop (below) on how to fit items into
> the Dublin Core vocabulary.  Will help us create work-product and help
> build the community.
> Next two Telephone Conference Meeting Targets & Face-2-Face (15 Min)
> Want to have teleconferences on an ongoing basis either monthly or
> bi-weekly.  Prior to face-2-face, have bi-weekly telephone conferences
> beginning May 20th at least to share information.  Old schedule was
> Thursday afternoon from 2p.m.-3p.m. Eastern. We will continue this pattern
> for now.
> Face to face to set context for where the TC lives and get hands dirty
> with getting draft standard out.  What is happening with eGov and how it
> will relate.  Second day as a workshop.  Get a leader to facilitate
> through the workshop.  Workshop to be targeted to be within next 2 months
> in DC.
> Message to Technical Committee Members (2 Min)
> Anyone who is not a member, send and email to
> Donald.Bergeron@lexisnexis.com to get meeting notices.  If not a member
> and have questions, call Don at 937-865-1276.  
> Michael Eisenberg participates in ABA Information Security Committee and
> an agenda item for an upcoming meeting is on electronic evidence.  ISC is
> chaired by Stephen Wu.  Next meeting is May 13/14th in Virginia and New
> York. Look at Cooley,Godward site - <http://www.cooley.com> or
> <http://www.abanet.org/scitech/ec/isc/next_meeting.html> for more info.
> John ?? is designated liaison for ABA, but not necessarily tied into ISC.
> Dan participated on electronic signature.  
> Targeted Solicitation for Prospective Members (2 Min)
> Will send out email to existing members and target members.
> OASIS LegalXML Member Section Meeting Report - Will post URL to the
> meeting information (1 Min) 
> Regards,
> Don
> Donald L. Bergeron
> Systems Designer
> LexisNexis
> donald.bergeron@lexisnexis.com
> O 937-865-1276
> H 937-748-2775
> M 937-672-7781
> OASIS LegalXML Member Section
> Legislative Technical Committee
> Status Report
> April 28, 2004
> TC Goals
> The OASIS LegalXML Legislative Technical Committee is a community focused
> on the definition and use of XML and related technologies for legislative
> documents and information. It is focused on the needs of the Legislative
> community, setting the correct focus for the development of specifications
> and deliverables. There are at least three stakeholders groups in our
> community. The originators, distributors, and end users of legislative
> content all have needs and legitimate interests.
> This effort targets the support of these stakeholders when their needs
> critically, those needs that have near-term value are thoughtfully
> discussed and prioritized. If we do not coordinate our efforts we will end
> up competing and diluting the outcome.
> OASIS provides the framework and open methodology that can help us create
> standards that are trusted, adopted and used.
> Recent Activities
> The technical committee has been looking at the descriptive metadata for
> legislation focusing on the proper use of Dublin Core.
> It is preparing a survey, to be distributed shortly, to understand the
> current use of metadata, XML, and other structured markup systems (SGML,
> PDF) across the States and Federal governments.
> Identifying a set of potential new members of the community to be invited
> to goal setting activities. Prepare to reinforce the current members of
> the community in their involvement and in goal setting and planning.
> Completed Products
> None as of yet
> What you intend to accomplish during the next twelve months
> Continue the development of a usage model/content rules within the Dublin
> Core Initiative's vocabulary for the legislative content documents. Target
> date is TBD.
> To identify the goals and short-term specific needs of the legislative and
> regulatory community using a survey and active outreach followed by
> focused discussions with interested stakeholders in the community with a
> target of the end of July 2004
> To lay out a roadmap of needed standards and to focus on one standard for
> specific requirements definition / review and launch the first standards
> creation effort with a target of September 2004
> To plan for specific requirements definition / review for the first
> standard under an aggressive schedule.
> What you need from the Member Section to accomplish your goals)
> Under discussion

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