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legalxml-legislative message

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Subject: Draft of Potential Part 1 of Replacement for Washignton DC Meeting in Septemeber - Part 2 in November

Title: Legislative Documents Technical Committee

Legislative Documents Technical Committee


                                                                                                July 30, 2004

Initial Announcement & Agenda


OASIS LegalXML-Legislative 1-day Face-To-Face Workshop

September 7, 2004 – Burlington Vermont

Collocated with NCSL – NALIT & Legal Services Staff Section Professional Development Seminars


Members of the Legislative Community,


OASIS LegalXML invites you to join the current members of the Legislative Documents Technical Committee in identifying the pressing needs for Data Standards in the Legislative and Regulatory Community. In this upcoming workshop we will be expanding our outreach to the community in an interactive listening workshop targeted at understanding the diverse nature of the community, the goals of constituents and the specific near term needs where value can be realized.


The format of the workshop is designed to engage all the participants in both in the identification and prioritization of this effort and to expose potential members to one of the more effective workshop methods used in the XML Standards Community.


This meeting is open to all Originators, Distributors and Consumers of Legislative and Regulatory Information! In order for standards to be effective in implementation and adoption, all the viewpoints must be recognized and accounted for on the front end. Once goal and requirements are accounted for, prioritization and planning can done effectively. Please join us in giving this effort a solid start.




Donald L. Bergeron / Daniel Bennett

Co Chairs Legislative Documents Technical Committee


Please Contact us at:

donald.bergeron@lexisnexis.com or (937) 865-1276

Visit us at:


(Initial Agenda available on back side of this page)

Initial Agenda

Understanding Legislative / Regulatory Community

Time Block 1 – 1-5 PM EDST

  • History of LegalXML-Legislative Work to Date
  • Standards Experience in Legislative & Regulatory Standards Efforts
  • What are some of the artifacts we work with that may become covered doctypes?
    • Model Legislation - Bills – Hearings – Exhibits – Enactments – Codified Statutes – Votes
    • Proposed Regulations – Hearings – Exhibits – Registers – Accepted Regulations – Codified Regulations – Filings & Forms
    • Bibliographic Data – Citations – Taxonomies – Ontologies
  • Perspectives on Goals & Requirements for Legislative XML Standards, Especially the relationship to Legislative/Regulatory Artifacts
    • Originator View – National
    • Originator View – State
    • Originator View – International
    • Distributor View – Publisher
    • Distributor View – Lobbyist
    • Consumer View – Corporate
    • Consumer View – Analyst
    • Consumer View – Public Access
  • Working Session 1 - Goals & Perceived Needs

Time Block 2 – Dinner – 5:15 – 7 PM EDST

  • Exposure to Content Initiatives with related objectives
    • Other Regulatory initiatives
      •  EPAL/P3P
      •  XBRL
    • RuleML
    • OASIS LegalXML
      • Electronic Court Filing
      • Integrated Justice
  • Other Information Communication Wrapper Initiatives
    • EBXML
    • OASIS LegalXML Legal Envelope

Time Block 3 – 7:15 – 9:30 PM EDST

        Working Session 2 – Identifying Potential Deliverables & Priorities


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