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legalxml-legislative message

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Subject: Groups - OASIS LegalXML- Legislative 1-day Face-To-Face Workshop added

OASIS LegalXML- Legislative 1-day Face-To-Face Workshop has been added by Donald Bergeron (donald.bergeron@lexisnexis.com).

Date:  Tuesday, 07 September 2004
Time:  01:00pm - 09:30pm Eastern Time

Event Description:
OASIS LegalXML- Legislative 1-day Face-To-Face Workshop
September 7, 2004  WYNDHAM Hotel  Burlington, Vermont 
Collocated with National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)  
National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT)
& Legal Services Staff Section Professional Development Seminars

Initial Agenda
Understanding Legislative / Regulatory Community
Time Block 1  1-5 PM EDST
	History of LegalXML-Legislative Work to Date 
	Standards Experience in Legislative & Regulatory Standards Efforts 
	What are some of the artifacts we work with that may become covered doctypes?
o	Model Legislation - Bills  Hearings  Exhibits  Enactments  Codified Statutes  Votes
o	Proposed Regulations  Hearings  Exhibits  Registers  Accepted Regulations  Codified Regulations  Filings & Forms
o	Bibliographic Data  Citations  Taxonomies  Ontologies 
	Perspectives on Goals & Requirements for Legislative XML Standards, Especially the relationship to Legislative/Regulatory Artifacts
o	Originator View  National 
o	Originator View  State
o	Originator View  International
o	Distributor View  Publisher
o	Distributor View  Lobbyist 
o	Consumer View  Corporate 
o	Consumer View  Analyst 
o	Consumer View  Public Access
	Working Session 1 - Goals & Perceived Needs 
Time Block 2  Dinner  5:15  7 PM EDST
	Exposure to Content Initiatives with related objectives 
o	Other Regulatory initiatives
o	RuleML
	Electronic Court Filing
	Integrated Justice
	Other Information Communication Wrapper Initiatives
o	OASIS LegalXML Legal Envelope
Time Block 3  7:15  9:30 PM EDST
	Working Session 2  Identifying Potential Deliverables & Priorities 


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