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Subject: [legalxml-ms] OASIS announcement of LegalXML Integrated Justicediscussion list

Upon the request by eligible participants I have created an OASIS
Discussion List whose purpose is to discuss the creation of an OASIS
LegalXML Integrated Justice Technical Committee. Discussion on the list
will begin in seven days to give everyone a chance to subscribe, and the
list and its archive will be deleted after 90 days. The list is


A description of the list is below.

In order to participate in the discussions on these topics you should
subscribe to the discussion lists using the subscription form at
http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl or by sending a message to


with the word "subscribe" as the body of the message. Participants in
the previous LegalXML workgroup for this topics have already been
subscribed. OASIS membership is not required in order to subscribe to
this list. If you do not wish to subscribe but wish to view the
discussion you may view the list archives at

Karl F. Best
OASIS Open - Director, Technical Operations
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

(i) the requested name for the discussion list is "Integrated Justice TC
formation" and its suggested address is

(ii)  the scope of the discussion list is to explore the formation of a
TC under the LegalXML OASIS Member Section to work towards standards
formation related to XML markup and DTD and/or Schema for the area of
interbranch and interagency data sharing within the justice system,
continuing the work previously done by the LegalXML, Inc. workgroup of
the same name.

(iii) three Persons Eligible for OASIS Technical Committee Participation
making this request are:

- Dave Roberts, dave@search.org, individual member
- John Greacen, john@greacen.net, individual member
- John Ruegg, jruegg@isab.la.co.ca.us, LA County Information Systems
Advisory Body

(iv)  The discussion list leader will be Dave Roberts.

I ask that the initial discussion list include all the members of the
previous LegalXML, Inc. Integrated Justice Workgroup, including its six
subgroups -- arrest warrant, incident report, prosecutor charging
document, disposition/sentencing order, object repository/data
dictionary, and protection order registry.

This request is submitted with the approval of the LegalXML Membership
Section Steering Committee and all members of the Steering Committee are
receiving copies of it. Thank you for your prompt consideration of this

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