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Subject: OASIS/LegalXML - Election for Three At-Large Members for the Steering Committee

Election for Three At-Large Members for the OASIS LegalXML Member
Section Steering Committee

Basic Facts:
Open Steering Committee Positions: 3
Votes available for each member of the Member Section: 3
Voting Method: Kavi Ballot on LegalXML Member Section Group accessable via
MEMBERS ONLY/My Groups/OASIS LegalXML Member Section
Voting Begins: January 9, 2004 1:00PM EST
Voting Ends: January 23, 2004 5:00PM EST
Result Anouncement: Tuesday January 27, 2004 5:00PM EST via Email Posting

The list of candidates follows the position description.

The LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee is responsible for the
overall guidance of the technical committees affiliated with LegalXML and,
in its representative capacity, the Steering Committee reviews requests for
Member Section resources in support of the work of technical committees and
has the power to direct its Chair to recommend to the Executive Director of
OASIS that an expenditure be made from the discretionary funds allocated to
the Member Section.

Presently, the steering committee membership is being changed to reflect the
makeup of the LegalXML technical committees. Representatives to the Steering
Committee are being elected by their respective technical committees. In
addition, the new Steering Committee will be completed with the addition of
three (3) at-large representatives from among the LegalXML Member Section.
Thes are the positions being voted upon in this election.

Elections will take place over a subsequent two-week period ending on
Friday, January 23th, 2004. Again, all members in good standing of the
LegalXML Member Section shall be eligible to vote to fill these at-large

The candidates are:

Jason Harrop - eContracts - Individual Member
Dallas Powell - Court Filing - Individual Member
Mary McQueen - Court Filing - Individual Member
John Greacen - Court Filing - Individual Member
Greg Arnold - Court Filing - Judicial Council of Georgia
Dr. Zorran Milosovic - eContracts - DSTC Pty Ltd
Diane Lewis - Court Filing - US DOJ EOUSA

All of these people are well qualified and motivated. I am very pleased that
they have all stepped up to this opportunity.
As I recieve biographies I will post them in individual emails beginning
Friday morning.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful choices in this election.



Donald L. Bergeron

Outgoing Chair OASIS LegalXML 
Member Section Steering Committee

Systems Designer

937-865-1276 O

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