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Subject: At Large Election Bio - John M. Greacen

John M. Greacen

Principal, Greacen Associates, LLC, a consulting firm concentrating on
process improvement, performance measurement, appropriate use of
technology, customer service, and leadership development for courts and
other justice organizations, since November 2001.

Chair or co-chair of the Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee of
the Legal XML Member Section of OASIS and its predecessor Electronic
Filing Working Group of Legal XML and Legal XML, Inc. since November

Member, Board of Directors, Legal XML, Inc.  Member, committee to
negotiate merger with OASIS.  Member, Legal XML Member Section Steering
Committee from merger until election of Roger Winters as ECFTC Steering
Committee representative a year ago.

21 years as a court administrator in appellate and trial courts in both
the federal and state court systems.  State court administrator for New
Mexico - 1996-2001.

Deputy Director for Programs - National Center for State Courts
Program Director - Police Foundation
Director, National Institute for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
Deputy Director, National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal
Reporter, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure
Visiting Associate Professor, Washington College of Law, American
University; Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean, University of
Arizona College of Law

Associate, Kirkland & Ellis, Washington, DC

Law clerk to the Honorable Oscar H. Davis, US Court of Claims (now US
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)

Admitted to practice of law in Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia,
New Mexico, US Supreme Court

Former Chair, American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section; Former
Chair, Lawyers Conference, American Bar Association Judicial Division

A.B., Princeton; J.D., University of Arizona.  Director’s Award for
Excellence in Leadership from Leonidas R. Mecham, director of the
Administrative Office of the United States Courts. 1999 Award of Merit
from the National Association for Court Management for lifetime

Statement of interest -- I chose to leave the Steering Committee a year
ago to make room for new blood and new leadership.  I am seeking one of
the at large positions because of my disappointment in the Steering
Committee's performance during the past year -- It has met infrequently;
meetings have not been well attended.  It has not completed its
reconstitution under the revised structure; it has provided no support
to technical committees (declining to act on a request for support from
the ECFTC); it has made no use of the resources in its OASIS account; it
has several inactive technical committees.  The Steering Committee needs
revitalization and a clear sense of purpose.  It should, among other
things, demand regular progress from its technical committees, ensure
horizontal compatibility of specifications among technical committees,
and establish a test environment where users of Legal XML Member Section
specifications can test their implementations.

John M. Greacen
Greacen Associates, LLC
HCR 78, Box 23
Regina, New Mexico 87046
505-780-1450 (cell)

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