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Subject: Organization of the Legal XML Member Section

With the completion of the balloting for at large Steering Committee members, the Steering Committee has now been reconstituted.  At our first conference call meeting, the group asked me to serve as chair and Roger Winters to serve as Secretary.


I write to urge all Member Section members to take advantage of the upcoming OASIS seminar in New Orleans, to inform you of the schedule of meetings in New Orleans, and to let you know the membership of the Steering Committee and its initial tasks.


The members of the Steering Committee are:


            Jim Cabral – Integrated Justice

            Robin Gibson – at large

            John Greacen – at large (chair)

            Dave Marvit – Contracts

            John Messing -- eNotarization

            Debi Miller-Moore – Online Dispute Resolution

            Dallas Powell – at large

            Roger Winters – Electronic Court Filing (Secretary)

            Don Bergeron – ex officio, nonvoting member for three months

            Karl Best – Vice President OASIS ex officio, nonvoting member


I urge that any TC that has not elected a representative to the Steering Committee do so now.


We have made the following arrangements for meetings during the OASIS conference in New Orleans, April 26-29.  Our TCs will request to make two presentations to the conference on the 26th and 27th – Contracts will seek to present its work on use of XHTML and ECFTC and Integrated Justice will seek to present the Global Justice XML Data Model. 


ECFTC will meet face to face all day on April 28th.  Integrated Justice will meet face to face all day on April 29th.  Contracts and Legal Intercepts are also attempting to schedule meetings, with the understanding that they will necessarily have to meet concurrently with one of the two larger TCs.  


The Member Section will meet on April 28th at 4:00pm for a status report from the Steering Committee and a quick review of the work of its various TCs.


The Steering Committee will meet beginning in the late afternoon and evening of the 27th and continue as needed during the rest of the conference.


The Steering Committee’s first task is to prepare mission and vision statements for the Legal XML Member Section, a set of initial objectives, priorities for the use of Member Section resources, and a procedure for reviewing and approving funding requests from TCs.


I urge all Legal XML Member Section members to join us in New Orleans to take advantage of the OASIS conference and to take this opportunity to become familiar with the work of our various TCs, to get to know the persons who are providing leadership to our efforts, to begin to coordinate our work better and to provide more mutual support for each other.


Please feel free to bring to my attention any concerns you may have with the way in which the Legal XML Member Section is proceeding, now and in the future.



John M. Greacen

Greacen Associates, LLC

HCR 78, Box 23

Regina, New Mexico 87046


505-289-2163 (fax)

505-780-1450 (cell)


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