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Subject: Amended Third Quarter LegalXML MS Report


Attached is an amended Third Quarter Report previously submitted to you
on November 8, 2006, with one changed paragraph to the Electronic Court
Filing portion of the report, which now reads as follows:

"The LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee provided $8,000 to the
technical committee to provide technical support to these implementers.
 To date, one implementing jurisdiction, the Unified Court System of New
York State, has called upon us to provide such support for 
approximately $2500 and one jurisdiction, Maricopa County, at its own
expense and not through LegalXML-OASIS has contracted directly with MTG
Management Consultants, LLC, our  technical support provider, for its

The Amended Third Quarter Report is also now in Word format,
consistently with previously provided reports.

LegalXMLThird quarter2006 (amended).doc

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