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Subject: RE: [legalxml-ms] Elections for at-large representatives

No objection from this quarter.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Messing [mailto:jmessing@law-on-line.com]
> Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 9:37 AM
> To: legalxml-ms@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [legalxml-ms] Elections for at-large representatives
> Dear All:
> By my reckoning, our next meeting of the SC should take place on January
> 10, 2007. The holidays are upon us, which is a bad time to ask people to
> vote on anything.
> Subject to timely objection, I propose we open the nominations now, hold
> them open to the close of business on Dec. 29th, after which they will
> be closed once and for all, and vote commencing on January 3, closing
> on the evening of the 8th, thus giving any new members at least two
> days before the Januuary SC meeting.
> I think it will be suitable to leave the current nominees on the list of
> nominated candidates. Each can withdraw if he likes, but it will save
> work for those who are already on the ticket and intend to remain on
> it. Any communication nominating or self-nominating an additional
> candidate should be copied to the SC list. All further communications
> between either the Chair or Secretary in their respective roles and any
> nominee should also be posted to the list. This will ensure transparency
> of the nomination process.
> I plan to explain to the Member Section that we are initiating a new
> voting method that was worked out this year with OASIS. We encountered
> a few rough spots in this first implementation, including discovery that
> the list of eligible voters obtained from OASIS staff was
> incomplete and would have excluded approximately a quarter of our
> electorate from voting had the election gone forward as planned. We are
> informally preparing guidelines so the experience should not be repeated
> in future years.
> These difficulties have highlighted a need for me to devote my energies
> to working closely as Chair with the Secretary in the conduct and
> administration of the new elections. I will therefore be withdrawing as
> a candidate for an at-large post and will remain as the eNotary TC
> representative until the next TC election for that post and as the Chair
> for the current term. This will avoid any inconsistency or appearance of
> impropriety from jointly administering the election while remaining a
> candidate.
> Your thoughts are sincerely requested and welcomed, but please be aware
> that it will be desirable to have the nominations re-opened by the
> close of business (5 PM EST, 2 PM PST) today if possible, and I intend
> to request Roger to do so unless there is urgent business with regard
> to this proposal still pending at that time.
> Thank you.
> John Messing
> Chair, LegalXML Member Section

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