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Subject: LegalXML specifications

There are two LegalXML specifications for marking up legal documents – Court Document 1.1 developed by the Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee almost five years ago and the recent eContracts specification developed by the eContracts Technical Committee the end of last year. 


Both specifications can, I believe, be obtained from the OASIS webpages for those Technical Committees.  I am copying Robin Gibson to make sure that Court Document 1.1 can be obtained from the ECFTC website.


Both specifications are available for public use.  To my knowledge there is no application software supporting either specification.


The Court Documents Subcommittee of the Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee, co-chaired by Rex McElrath and Roger Winters, are working on a successor specification to Court Document 1.1.  I encourage you to join their effort – or at least to contact them to learn more about it.

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