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Subject: OASIS LegalXML Steering Committee Election

OASIS LegalXML Member Section Members,

There are two candidates vying for two ‘At-Large’ Member Section Steering Committee seats on the LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee. The ‘At-Large’ Steering Committee members are elected to one-year terms, and can be elected for no more than three successive terms.


The candidates profile documents can be found in the ‘Steering Committee Nominee's Bios’ folder at:
Your candidates are:
Marc Aronson
Jim Harris
Voting will start on 28 December 2007 and will conclude at 11:45PM EDT on 7 January 2008, so it is important to ensure your company is suitably represented on the Member Section roster:
Individual and Organizational voting members of the LegalXML MS are qualified to vote in this election--voting is not limited to the Primary Representative of an organizational member. The voting will be by email, with the results tallied via the Single Transferable Voting (STV) - Scottish Method. Please refer to http://stv.sourceforge.net/Details.html and
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singel_transferable_vote for more information regarding the STV voting method. Remember to cast your vote by email to sc-election@oasis-open.org.
Feel free to ask any questions about the process. Thank you in advance for taking part in this important process.


Best regards,

Dee Schur

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