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Subject: Question about an old CSD

Members of the LegalXML MS -

I am forwarding this out of curiousity. Laurel Shifrin from LexisNexis
sent me the following question this morning. I have a dim memory of
some work on an actual spec fo court documents being started but also
that there wasn't any enthusiasm from the courts at the time and thus
the effort languishing.

Do any of you on this mailing list recall anything about how this came to be?

Thanks for any history you can provide!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Another question -- looks like in 2002 there was a candidate
specification for Court Document but maybe it died on the vine? It's
not quite the same as the Electronic Court Filing, it's more
representative of the published opinions. But I can't find anything
more on its status than "candidate specification," dated 2002.


interesting that the URL isn't off the oasis-open.org root but it's
got the OASIS name all over it.

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