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Subject: LegalXML-SC nomination

Dear OASIS Colleagues,

I want to propose myself as a candidate for the LegalXML Member Section Steering
Committee in order to continue and reinforce the work already started
in the last two years as a member of the same Steering Committee.

In the current year, I have pursued several initiatives, including the
active participation by LegalXML OASIS in the following conferences:
- RuleML2011 symposium (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA) with the participation of Jim Cabral. - BID and UNDESA workshop, Brasilia, June 04-06, Regional Introduction to Legislative XML:
- UN/DESA workshop, Washington, Feb. 27-29, International Meeting: Achieving Greater
Transparency in Legislatures through the Use of Open Document Standards.

I have also started the work on two new Technical Committees,
about LegalRuleML and LegalDocML, which find great interest with
important players such as the European Parliament, the United Nations,
African Parliaments, Latin America Parliaments, etc.

New Initiatives
New events are being planned for continuing the LegalXML outcomes
- August 27, Montpellier, RuleML2012 includes a LegalRuleML tutorial
- Sept. 10-18 Summer School LEX2012, Ravenna, is dedicated to the LegalDocML outcomes; - Sept. 13-15, Rome, World e-Parliament Conference 2012, we will present LegalDocML TC results and goals
- Oct.27-Nov. 1 Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, Business Rule Forum2012, we will have the occasion to hold a special session on LegalRuleML TC outcomes http://www.buildingbusinesscapability.com/2012/thursday; - Dec. 17-19, Amsterdam, Jurix2012, I will propose a workshop for presenting LegalDocML and LegalRuleML

Final Declaration
1. I accept the nomination.
2. I confirm my availability to assume my duties for the position in
the Steering Committee (promoting the work, contributing to technical
issues, exploiting the OASIS LegalXML initiative and results) and, in
particular, to participate actively in the teleconferences (once per month).
3. Please find my biography in the attachment for a brief presentation
of my background.

Kind regards,
Monica Palmirani

Attachment: Bio_monicaPalmirani-2012-final.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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