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Subject: Draft revision Member Section Policy for your comments

Greeting LegalXML Member Section members,

The attached draft of a new Member Section Policy is the result of a discussion among staff and the board, intending to improve and simplify Member Section operations.  Please review this and provide your comments and feedback within 30 days.  We intend to provide a final version of this to the board for approval at the end of July.  I'll be available for your SC meeting between now and then, to discuss the details and implications for your Member Section.

Generally, this new draft is greatly reorganized to improve the readability and concept flow for the new reader. And I note with pride that compared to the 2012 version and it's 6406 words, this draft is a lightweight policy of 3023 words.

The most significant changes in the proposed revision include:

 - dramatic simplification to the annual SC election process.  This draft acknowledges our experience in the past 10 years that most mature Member Sections do not have contests in the SC elections and allows the process to be completed by nominations - no balloting is required if it cannot effect the outcome.  This draft also allows for a dynamically sized and opportunistic  SC by having the ROP only state the *maximum* number of SC seats while allowing that any election cycle may not fill the maximum number of seats - which keeping seats available to fill if/when new candidates arise. 

 - reducing the requirements for SC meetings and reports for Member Sections not actively managing spending

 - changing the concept of "dues allocation" as expressed in earlier policies, to  the concept of "directed spending".  This change does not effect your group's ability to engage services to support your mission.  the change is intended to more accurately reflect 2 realities: (1)the vast majority of activities directed by SC funding are activities provided "by OASIS" for Member Sections that do not manages services so nothing is gained by the additional bureaucracy and (2) the Steering Committee directs spending by OASIS management, they are not an independently budgeted autonomous group.   You will note that future Member Sections will be formed with an expectation of Directed Spending of being available only for the first 2 years,  again recognizing the vast majority of spending currently directed by Member Sections is for services all Member Sections receive -if they are funded or not.  and clearly the need for those exceptional services diminishes over time after the special transitional work is done.  ***Note the footnote that this 2 year limit does not apply to your group as you were formed prior to this policy*** 

Please do read through this draft, consider how it will effect your group and share your questions and  comments.  When we finalize this draft in the coming months I want to ensure it reflects all of our best thinking.



Scott McGrath

Tel +1 781-425-5073 x202
Fax +1 781-425-5072

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Attachment: Member Section Policy 2014-04-03 draft.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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