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Subject: OASIS membership renewals and LegalXML

Legal XML Members:
The past two years have been busy ones for this OASIS Member Section. We’ve seen collaborative activity and wonderful progress happening in our existing technical committees LegalRuleML , LegalDocML, and Electronic Court Filing. The committee members have been publicizing the great work being done and we’re starting see wide adoption of the important standards we’re developing. In addition, a new technical committee has been kicked off and is well underway: LegalCiteML. 
Of course some of this progress is supported by the LegalXML Member Section funds. On a monthly basis the Steering Committee reviews the budget and requests for funds. Our goal is to spend completely the funds within a given year so that we’re using them to support this active development and promotion of our standards.
These funds are allocated annually by OASIS. A Member Section receives a portion of the dues from each organization and individual who elects that their membership dues be used to support a given Member Section. This is done during the annual renewal of your OASIS membership. If you are the person responsible for OASIS membership renewal and want to support the LegalXML Member Section with dues as well the invaluable investment of your own time, please send a note to Barbara Erbes indicating that you elect to support the LegalXML Member Section. If you’re not the person within your organization responsible for membership renewal, please remind them to support LegalXML with each annual membership renewal.
As always, we appreciate your support of and involvement in the work of LegalXML. If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the Steering Committee: myself, Monica Palmirani, Jim McMillan, or Adam Wyner.  Many thanks.
regards, Laurel
Laurel Shifrin
Enterprise Architect – Content
631-261-0175 direct
631-662-2273 mobile

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